Our services

From pattern, to sample collection, to production.

Lines and points define shapes and volumes: created on paper or using software, the pattern makes the design three-dimensional and real, furnishing all the data necessary for cutting and assembling the garment.
To produce garments destined for points of sale, one has to go deeply into all the aspects that characterize the product and apply commercial logic to a high quality garment while maintaining its handcrafted characteristics.
Using prototypes enables us to continue studying the styles, volumes and characteristics of the garment. The fitting is the moment at which the designer’s vision and our ability to interpret the client’s requests come together.
Rules and programming, but also dynamism and flexibility, care and attention to detail. Quality control to guarantee the standard and timings requested, at all stages of production.
The final sample represents the Brand and reinforces its identity, in every detail. The high quality standard is guaranteed by our tailoring know-how, specialization in womenswear and technical experience.
Our roots in made-to-measure and twenty years’ experience of ready to wear come together to accompany the stars on the red carpet at global events such as the Cannes Festival and the Oscars Night.

Why choose us?

We bring ideas to life, turning each project into reality, from the pattern to the sample, and through to production. Passion, experience and technology are our fortes and guarantee production of high quality standard garments. Our acquired know-how, together with continuous upgrading, enable us to pay constant attention to the client’s requirements, with efficiency and quality at all stages of the project.  We represent the Brand’s identity coherently, providing 360° support with regard to construction, volumes and finishes.

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